Thursday, September 12, 2013

Onam Festival Celebrations In Delhi & Bangalore | Kerala Festival

Onam, a harvest festival and Kerala's biggest festival is celebrated with great pomp & gaiety throughout the state of India by all the Malayalees every year. Legend has it that every year on Onam, Raja Mahabali comes down to earth to bless his followers and devotees. Raja Mahabali was known far and wide as the most kind and ‘giving’ of monarchs, like dayavan Raja Harishchandra. In anticipation and out of a spirit of happiness the people leave no stone unturned to welcome their dear king.

Onam date 2013: Onam festival falls in the month of Chingam ( Aug – Sept ), the first month of the Malayalam calendar. This year Onam falls on 16th September, 2013 i.e on coming Monday. Onam is celebrated for 10 days & the main attractions of the festival are Onam Pookalam (Flower Rangoli), Onam Sadya (Special Onam Food), snake boat race, Kaikottikali dance & much more.

Only four more days to go for Onam festival...Friends, sharing with you couple of Onam events which are scheduled for Onam celebration in Delhi NCR &  Bangalore...

Onam Celebration With Zambar

Event Date: Sept 15 - Sept 16, 2013
Event Venue:  Zambar - Ambience Mall, 3rd Floor,Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Haryana

Onam Sadhya, a feast which is quite elaborate and is served on banana leaves with rice and an array of several dishes. Zambar, presenting the aura of contemporary style of South Indian dining in a modern environment, invites you for Onam Sadhya, a big feast associated with this special occasion as it serves a 24 dish meal at once.

Onam Festival

Onam Event Date: Sept 14 - Sept 16, 2013  

Event Venue:  Kaustubh - Saket, D-2, 5 and 6, Southern Park Mall, Behind Select City Mall, Saket, Delhi    

Celebrate the festival of Onam in an authentic style with Kaustubh. Feel like home as Kaustubh promises to take you through your granny's recipe in the traditional way. Come & experience the multi course meal served traditionally on banana leaf.

Celebrate Festival of Onam

Onam Festival Event Date:
Sept 16, 2013
Event Venue:  Dakshin - Sheraton Hotel, Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi 

Indulge yourself in 'Onasadya' the delectable part of the splending festival of Onam. Onasadya is a veritable feast of many appetizing dishes specially concocted by Keralites to indulge their beloved monarch 'Mahabali'. Enjoy its palatable verity the traditional way at 'Dakshin' The chariot of the palani temple, made of gold was presented to the temple by Naadars 100 years ago. 

Onam Special Payasam Mela
Event Date: Sept 01 - Sept 16, 2013
Event Venue: The Paul, 139/28, Domlur Layout, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore

Celebrate gets sweet with the Onam Special Payasam Mela. Palada Payasam @ Rs. 450/- Ada Pradhaman @ Rs. 400/- Idichu Pizhinja payasam @ Rs. 400/- IIaneer Payasam @ Rs. 500/- Pazha Pradhaman @ Rs 400/- Parippu Pradhaman @ Rs. 400/- Ambalappuzha Pal Paysam @ Rs. 450/-

Kerala Ela Sadya - Onam Fest

Event Date: Sept 16, 2013
Event Venue: The Paul, 139/28, Domlur Layout, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore

Traditional vegetarian Onam Sadya including Nethra Kaya & Chenakalan, Mathanga Eruserry, Beetroot Pachadi, Kootu Curry, Nai Parippu, Pazham parippu Payasam, Ada Pradhaman & much more.

Onam Sadhya

Event Date: Sept 16, 2013
Event Venue: Karavalli, The Gateway Hotel Residency Road, Bangalore,No 66, Residency Road

Soak in the spirit of the Onam celebrations over a choice of delicacies served the traditional way on a banana leaf. The feast features ever popular vegetarian favourites like Kalan, Olan, Avial, Pachadi and Kootu Curry along with accompaniments and delicious desserts Pal Payasam and Ada Pradhaman. The feast will be served the traditional way on a banana leaf. Come over to savour Karavalli's most awaited festival over the past two decades!

Onam Buffet

Event Date: Sept 15, 2013
Event Venue:  The Paul, 139/28, Domlur Layout, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore

Delicious Kerala vegetarian and non-begetarian dishes like avial, Mushroom ulli Theeyal, Kuttanadan Prawn Ularthiyathu, Nadan Kozhi Roast, Soups, Salads, an array of Kerala Special Payasams & much more.

Hope, You’ll like the collection of events for Onam celebration. For more upcoming events in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai & other major cities of India please visit Events section of our site.

!! Wishing you all a very HAPPY ONAM !!