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Food and Dining Events Guide Of Bangalore

Mark your calender about upcoming food and dining events in Bangalore. Here, we have listed food events which will be happening in Bangalore restaurants. Find some best places in Bangalore where you can enjoy best food. In Bangalore everything may stop but the events regarding food and dining will never stop. So just have a glance where you want to go for dinner at this weekend.

Special Combo at Kaati Zone restaurant:

Event Date: Sept 25 2012 To Oct 31 2012
Event Venue: All Kaati Zone Outlets
Event Time: 10:30 AM, Event occurs daily (Event duration: 12:00 hrs)

Special meals at Kaati zone
We suggest a cheesy indulgence this week at a Kaati Zone close to you. Kaati Zone introduces a Special Combo offering. This great meal includes the 'Cheeseria' which is our counterpart of the Quasedilla - a Paratha filled with cheese and your choice of fillings and grilled to golden brown perfection. Catering to non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike this crazy combo also comes with masala fries and a bottle of coke to quench your thirst.

Tea of Life at Le Creuset

Event Date: Sept 27 2012
Event Venue: Le Creuset Store
Event Time: 05:00 PM

Tea is a part of our lives. We, now, invite you to make it a part of your soul. Le creuset and Tea of Life Celebrate all things traditional, from Le Creuset kettles to an array of fresh green teas, a Le Creuset.

IIIrd Annual Pasta and Pizza Parade 

Pasta and Pizza in Bangalore

Event Date: Sept 14 2012 To Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: Toscano - Orion Mall
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Tandoor specialities at Soul Kadhi

Event Date: Sept 17 2012 To Sept 29 2012
Event Venue: Soul Kadhi
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Special tandoori at Soul Kadhi Bangalore
It's all about tandoori specials this fortnight at Soul Kadhi. Guests can choose from a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian tandoori specialties. This is an ultimate place to dine in Bangalore.

Swadika at Rim Naam

Event Date: Sept 10 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue:The Oberoi
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Welcome to the new Master Chef, Attachai Kitisri. He hails from the Chiang Mai province of Thailand and has worked across his own country and the globe with renowned hospitality brands. You can find all upcoming events in Bangalore about food and dining, nightlife, ladies nightlife, food festival, food promotions and every happening events in Bangalore.

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Nightlife and DJ Events in Mumbai

Good news for party lovers in Mumbai. Just know what happening in Mumbai. The nightlife here is said to rival , and locals would even say better , Mumbai's best party destinations are Tote Banquet, China House, Vie Lounge and Deck, Royalty and Hype. In fact Mumbai is considered very forefront of electro and dance music in India, so many top DJs are invented from this part of the country.

Here are the list of venues where you can get details about DJ parties, Ladies night events, Bollywood nights and hip hop nights in Mumbai.

Ladies Night - DJ Akhil Sippy:

Ladies night in MumbaiEvent Date: Sept 28 2012
Event Venue: Tote Banquet
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 04:00 hrs)

Hip hop Night with DJ Sachin

Event Date: Sept 27 2012
Event Venue: Hawaiian Shack
Event Time: 07:30 PM (Event duration: 04:30 hrs)

Progressive Night - DJ Amit

DJ parties in Mumbai
Event Date: Sept 27 2012
Event Venue: China House
Event Time: 10:00 PM (Event duration: 03:00 hrs)

Thursday Night - DJ Willis and DJ Ankur

Best DJ's in Mumba
Event Date: Sept 27 2012
Event Venue: Firangi Paani - Andheri
Event Time: 08:00 PM (Event duration: 05:00 hrs)

Do not think that the list is finished, it is only few venues where continuously nightlife events happen. If you want to know all happening nightlife events in Mumbai, list of DJ event venues and Bollywood nights then keep visiting on buzzintown. Only  Buzzintown provides latest information of nightlife events in Mumbai.

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On Going Food Events for Bangalore Foodies

Enjoy all sumptuous food festival at top multi cuisine restaurants in Bangalore everyday and weekend. This peppery food festival in Bangalore is available over dinner on all week days and weekends promises to create waves amongst all the food lovers of the city.

Chandini Chowk to China Food Festival at Royal Orchid Suites

Event Date: Sept 06 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: The Royal Orchid
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Food Festival at Royal Orchid Suites
Tingle your taste buds to a lip smacking peppery food festival as Royal Orchid Suites, Bangalore is all geared up to take you on an exotic culinary journey from mouth-watering North Indian food to extensively juicy Oriental delicacies with a combination of five live food counters which includes a array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers to scrumptious buffet spread.

Fruit fantasia at Mad Over Donuts

Event Date: Sept 13 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: All Mad Over Donuts
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

It's called the fruit fantasia, which offers you donuts in the flavours of blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit and so on.

TIKI time - Happy Hours at Mai Tai Lounge

Happy Hours at Mai Tai LoungeEvent Date: Sept 21 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: Mai Tai Lounge -Malleswaram West
Event Time: 04:00 PM, Event occurs daily (Event duration: 03:00 hrs)

Mai Tai Lounge at Orion Mall is a modern twist on a traditional concept. Belly up to their island bar or sink into their lounge section and sip on the sinful drinks.

Special Combo at Kaati Zone

Event Date: Sept 25 2012
Event Venue: All Kaati Zone Outlets
Event Time: 10:30 AM (Event duration: 12:00 hrs)

We suggest a cheesy indulgence this week at a Kaati Zone close to you. Kaati Zone introduces a Special Combo offering. This great meal includes the 'Cheeseria' which is our counterpart of the Quasedilla - a Paratha filled with cheese and your choice of fillings and grilled to golden brown perfection.

Thrilling T20 offer at S Lounge

Event Date: Sept 24 2012 to Oct 07 2012
Event Venue: Lemon Tree Hotel
Event Time: 02:00 PM, Event occurs daily(Event duration: 09:00 hrs)

T20 offer at S LoungeT20 mania is getting a fresh, fun makeover at Lemon Tree Premier and Lemon Tree Hotels in Bengaluru. Guests at Lemon Tree can stay glued to live cricket on big screens and create a ruckus with their friends and colleagues at the recreation bar - Slounge. They can come and indulge in their favorite drinks and appetizing food, through T20 Cricket World Cup season

Special Biryani Lunch Feast

Event Date: Sept 10 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: Zaffran
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

Biryani Lunch FestivalZaffran introduces a 'Special Biryani Lunch', a gastronomical treat for all biryani lovers . Zaffran is all set to make your work day special with a scrumptious 'Biryani Lunch' paired with you favourite Baigan or Mirchi ka Salaan and Raita.

Five for Four - Oriental Curry Lunch at Monsoon

Event Date: Sept 05 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

For more details visit food and dining events in Bangalore.

Mystery Of Food At Harem Meeza

It was started in 2011 with the name Harem, very recently, it re-launched as Harem Meeza. It has been a party destination with an outdoor place. The journey to making it 'Meeza' with Indo-Middle Eastern overtones to the place and a new menu that gives the restaurant and lounge both an identity of its own, and takes both partying and regular dining one notch up. Just come and experience the land of Meeza for best food and fresh ambiance.

When food meets mystery, the expression is Harem Meeza. This Indo-middle eastern specialty restaurants in Delhi Garden of Five Senses is not just a culinary delight; it is pretty much a culinary journey into, not just world cuisine but also revisiting the influences into Indian cuisine, mostly North Indian. 
Harem Meeza Restaurant New DelhiFood the makers of Harem Meeza have taken pains to marry middle-eastern, chiefly Moroccan, Indian and comfort food into one seamless whole. So you find your pita breads and shawarmas jostling for space alongside chaats, Awadhi food while pizza and salads also find a pride of place. Welcome to Harem Meeza.

Chilly Tamarind Mojiti: We began our Harem Meeza journey with a hot and tangy Chilly Tamarind Mojiti (Rs 375 plus taxes). It instantly ‘wakes’ you up to reality with its green chilly and tamarind flavours, never mind other flavours like rum, lime…

The Harem Chaat Platter: Next on the table was chaat platter, Harem’s array of chaats – gol gappas, raj kachoris, etc dominating the scene. What’s interesting is you can try your gol gappas in four different flavours – tamarind, pineapple, ginger & sweet tamarind. Quite popular with Harem’s customers, we were told.

Harem Meeza Chat restaurant DelhiArabian Dhows: Let’s explore further into Harem Meeza’s culinary collection with a typical middle-eastern dish, the Arabian Dhows.

This dish imitates a dhow, an Arabian boat with typical sails. Here’s what it is --Tabuleh (an Arabic salad made from Bulgar, tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, onion and garlic) with Bocconcini (kind of cheese) and crispy bread sails (thin crispy bread shaped like an Arabic sail) served with Pomegranate-Sumac Aspic (kind of spice).

Arabic salad at Harem Meeza restaurant DelhiThis is quite exotic; the bread tastes quite like our papad (only there isn’t any spice) and is eaten with the succulent and finely-chopped salad--quite delectable. Certainly, a must-try though some might find it a bit dry

Tajine with Cous Cous: Here comes the signature Moroccan dish - Tajine with Cous Cous. To the uninitiated, Tajine is a typical Berber earthern pot in which much of Moroccan food gets cooked while Cous Cous is somewhat close to our dalia (made from wheat extract).

Tajine with Cous Cous at harem MeezaTajine is also the curry, prepared from chicken, lamb or other meats and a wide variety of Indian food and vegetables. They are fragrant, spicy and sweet.

Tehteh Paneer: Here’s another one from the desi kitchen--a staple paneer dish that comes in layers (hence tehteh). It’s stuffed cottage cheese with mint and gravy. Sample it only if you don’t wish to experiment with middle-eastern food.

Chicken Tikka Platter: This is your routine tikka platter with four kinds of Chicken tikkas - Murg Soole, Kesar-black chilli, Dhaniya garlic Tikka and Malai Tikka (with mint sauce and marinated onions). 
Chicken tikka at harem meeza DelhiBoth the above two platters are from the Indian collection, as the names suggest.

Baoli Handi: Here’s one straight from the kitchen of Awadh--the classic Indian curry with lots of spices. The difference here is that it has yogurt (dahi) as an important ingredient and it is cooked in a terracotta pot in ‘dum’. We tried Murgh variation though it comes in paneer option too.

Fattoush Salad: The tossed green Lettuce salad in a lemon and parsley dressing we tried wasn’t quite up to the mark. Quite passable actually.

Kunafa with Rose Petal Ice Cream: Here’s another interesting dish – this sweet dish is made from our sevayaiin, the thin crispy variant (vermicelli) and was quite heavenly. It was crunchy, it was sweet yet wasn’t dripping sweatness as it has a cream cheese filling in the center. Ideal dessert. The Rose Petal Ice Cream was a perfect add-on.

Rose Petal Ice cream at harem meeza DelhiNote: We also tried Mojito Fish Tikka . and Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable pizza.

Inspiration: Harem Meeza is a concept restaurant – it derives heavily from Rihla, a book of travels by the 14th century Moroccan explorer Ibn Batuta. Price for two: Rs 2000 (without alcohol) and Rs 3000 (with alcohol)

For more restaurants like Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, American visit and get latest and happening food events in Delhi.

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Watch Out Food and Dining Events in Delhi Restaurants

Now days Delhi restaurants organizing some new food and dining events. Delhi is the city of celebrations, and the people always find the moment for enjoyment. How Delhi public can sit ideal during T20 matches? Here are some places they are organizing food and dining events during T20 world cup series.

T20 food and drinks offers across Delhi

T 20 food and drinks offer at Delhi restaurants
The perfect spot for a bit of cricket, fun and fervour ol’ chap is Hinglish: the Colonial CafĂ©. Watch your favorite sport with the all-new London Desi Menu starring Queen’s fish fingers with masala fries, masala sausages on a bed of potato rosti, South Hall tikkis with piquant salsa etc. Or opt for the reasonably priced platters which come with a pint of draught beer.

T20 World Cup Fever at Hinglish: The Colonial Cafe

food at Hinglish: The Colonial Cafe
Event Date: Sept 19 2012 - Oct 07, 2012
Event Venue: Hinglish -A Colonial Cafe
Event Time: 12:00 PM, Event occurs daily (Event duration: 12:00 hrs)

Enjoy ICC World T20 at Royal China

Enjoy ICC T20 world cup at Royal China
Event Date: Sept 18 2012 - Oct 07 2012
Event Venue: Royal China
Event Time: All Day, Event occurs daily

T20 World Cup Menu @ Mocha

Special world cup menu at Mocha
Event Date: Sept 19 2012 - Oct 07 2012
Event Venue: Across Mocha outlets
Event Time: 10:00 AM, Event occurs daily (Event duration: 02:00 hrs)

T20 World Cup Ki Dhoom at Rang De Basanti Dhaba

Rang de basanti dhaba Delhi
Event Date: Sept 18 2012 To Oct 07 2012
Event Venue: Rang De Basanti
Event Time: 12:00 AM, Event occurs daily (Event duration: 12:00 hrs)

Apart from T20 celebrations some another food festival will be going on in Delhi restaurants. You can find more food and dining events that will be happening in delhi.

Citibank Restaurant Week India 2012

Citibank Restaurant Week in association with BBC Good Food India is the largest pan-India culinary event that showcases some of India's finest restaurants. In its fifth edition, the week-long celebration.

Event Date: Sept 11 2012 To Sept 30 2012 
Event Time: 12:30 PM, Event occurs daily     (Event duration:  12:00 hrs)

Olive beachCitibank Restaurant Week offers consumers a chance to experience some of India's best high-end restaurants through a prix fixe menu that is a fraction of what participating restaurants would normally charge. This allows participating restaurants to showcase their skills with some of the best selections from their menu while consumers can experience restaurants they may not be familiar with or may want to re-visit. More importantly, however, it is a week-long celebration of the culinary scene in each city - a time for us to be proud of our finest restaurants.

Tapas Specials at 1911 Bar

An authentic Spanish Tapas feast presented with Sangria and classic wines. Tapas treat at 1911 bar this September will invite food lovers to spend a refreshing evening and take a seat in the plush surroundings of the bar, enjoying a cuisine made with tomatoes, sweet and chili peppers, maize, beans and potatoes. The specialties include Traditional Egg, Potato and OnionTortilla - Served Hot And Soft, Chorizo Al Cebolla- Traditional Sausage Cut In Pieces And Sauteed With Onions And Parsley, Pulpo Gallego - Pre Cooked To Perfection And Tenderness And Sauteed In Olive Oil With Garlic, Peppers, Onions And Parsley With White Wine and many more, all created for a quirky mingling.

The Imperial hotel
Event Date: Sept 11 2012 To Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: The Imperial Hotel 1, Janpath Delhi (NCR)
Event Time: 12:00 hrs

For More events in Delhi Visit BUZZINTOWN.COM  and write your valuable comment.

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Enjoy Dj on Friday night at Delhi clubs

Get the latest details of nightlife in Delhi and DJ events which are happening this weekend. I have the list of top DJ's those who performing on 21st Sept 2012. So find list of all rocking DJ's who will create a enjoyable moments for you tonight. Experience great entertainment moments all night with DJ Parties in Delhi clubs.

Spin Night - DJ Shireen:

DJ Shireen started their DJ from Kolkata and currently residing in Mumbai, this multi-talented girl has been called to perform in various clubs of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Vizag, Pune, Noida, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Shillong, Guwahati, Lucknow, Nagpur, Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Nepal and Bangladesh to name a few. The fact that most clubs have repeated her and more than once might be able to explain why she has earned the title of a 'Rockstar DJ' over the years.

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event VenueShiro Hotel Samrat, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 06:00 hrs)

Spin it up with DJ Shireen at ShiroOne moment you see her chilling with the crowd and you might mistake her for a college student, but the fact is she's one of India's most loved and revered figures in the DJing Industry, and also one of the brightest. Starting out as India's youngest female DJ, back in 2005; Shireen soon shot up the popularity charts thanks to her electrifying presence behind the console. Not one to be afraid of experimenting, Shireen has gained an impeccable repute for absolutely rocking the crowd with her signature style of music one night after another, one place after another, within the country and within most countries abroad.

Dance Night - DJ Hitesh
Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: Zook Shop No-3. PVR Anupam Complex Delhi
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 04:00 hrs)

Retro Night - DJ Richard

DJ Richard at the Exquisite Aqua Marine Bar

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: The Exquisite Aqua Marine Bar, Chandni Chowk Delhi
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 04:00 hrs)

 DJ Kamya at Jynxxx club
House Night Friday - DJ Kamya

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: Jynxxx Club S1, Intercontinental Eros, Nehru Place Delhi (NCR)
Event Time: 10:00 PM (Event duration: 05:00 hrs)

Fun Night - DJ Mickey

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: Capitol The Ashok , 50-B Chanakyapuri Delhi (NCR)
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 04:00 hrs)

Live - Sebastien Drums at Kitty Su

Live - Sebastien Drums at Kitty SuKitty Su is proud to bring to you, chart topping DJ/Producer 'Sebastien Drums' from France this Friday, 21st September 2012. So come over for mind blasting & super charged Progressive-house playing all night long.

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: KITTY SU Club Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place Delhi (NCR)
Event Time: 10:00 PM (Event duration: 04:00 hrs)

Friday Night - DJ Amit B
Friday Night with DJ Amit

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: Hype Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Event Time: 10:00 PM (Event duration: 05:00 hrs)

Models Night - DJ Praveen and Guest DJ

Models Night with DJ Praveen

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: Urban Pind N-4 GK-I N Block Market Delhi (NCR)
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 05:00 hrs)

Friday Night - DJ Ollie Humphreys

Event Date: Sept 21 2012
Event Venue: SHRoom 3 Floor, The Cresent Mall, Lado Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Event Time: 09:00 PM (Event duration: 06:00 hrs)

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Check Out Upcoming Food and Dining Weekend Events in Bangalore

Get update with Food & Dining Events in Bangalore which is happening this Weekend. Bangalore restaurants is always busy and active to give different food their appetizers. They always try to prepare all types of dishes. Just check all the food and dining events which will be happen in restaurants in Bangalore.

Malaysian Food Festival at Aromas of China
Fresh pom fret & Red Snapper available at special prizes. Ask you order taker for the sauce of your choice.

Malaysian Food Festival at Aromas of China
Event Date: Sept 13 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Time: All Day

Delightful Selection of Authentic Breads @ Novotel Bengaluru tech park

Delice at Novotel Bengaluru Tech park is a specialty cake and gourmet shop that presents a delightful selection of authentic breads, home-made cakes and chocolates, French pastries and cookies. It offers a line of international gourmet products, a profusion of visual expressions and invigorating taste sensations. A combination of skilled craftsmanship, the finest ingredients and the hotel's French savoir-faire, Delice brings out the exquisite flavours to tantalise your taste buds. So head out and explore exciting bakery treats.

Authentic Breads at Novotel Bengaluru tech park

Event Date: Sept 01 2012 to Nov 02 2012
Event Time: All Day

Chandni Chowk to China - Food Promotion @ Burgundy

Royal Orchid Suites is all geard up to take you on a journey from a mouthwatering North Indian food to extensively juicy Oriental food with a combination of Live Counters and an array of meats-ranging from fish to chicken to lamb.

Chandni Chowk to China food promotion at Burgundy
Event Date: Aug 27 2012 to Sep 29 2012
Event Time: 08:00 PM 02:30 hrs

All Time Favorites @ The Polo Club

All Time Favorites @ The Polo Club. This month, Chef Liang introduces a selection of new dishes to our menu. Savour the likes of soft shell crabs with black bean and garlic sauce, sea bass with black pepper and Lohan vegetables.

Polo Club Bangalore
Event Date: Sept 04 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Venue: The Oberoi
Event Time: All Day

September special - New Flavours @ Mama Mia

Event Date: Sept 05 2012 to Sept 30 2012
Event Time: All Day

New Flavours at Mama Mia
Lemon Ice Tea Sorbet - A frozen version of the popular drink..truly refreshing. It is 100% fat free and contains no dairy, hence suitable for vegans and the lactose intolerant. Swiss Milk Chocolate gelato- a smooth blend of liquid milk chocolate, milk and swiss milk chocolate shavings, which is an absolute bliss!

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Hard Rock Cafe | Haven for Fans of Music, Food and Great Times

Hard rock cafe established in 1971, it has committed to a wide variety of philanthropic causes and activities. Love All – Serve All. Do you know guys Hard Rock is a haven for fans of music, food, and great times. You can enjoy here live music, a Classic Tee, a Rock Star Suite, or the latest collectible pin, there’s something for everyone. Every Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel & Casino, or Live around the world serves up authentic experiences that rock. The first Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) opened its doors to the public on June 14, 1971, in London, England and now it has over 175 venues in more than 53 countries around the world, including 139 cafes and 16 Hotels/Casinos, Hard Rock has become a truly global phenomenon.

I think now you came to know how HRC is the best cafe and restaurants across the world. Do you like to enjoy Mexican food with HRC rocking cafe then I want to inform you that Hard rock cafe organized the Mexican food festival which is started from Aug 29-2012 and that will be continue up to Sept 23- 2012.  
Mexican food festival:

Mexican Food Festival in Bangalore

Date: 29-Aug-2012 to 23-Sept-2012
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe 40, St. Marks Road

Live Performance by The Hibernian Jungle:

Live Performance by The Hibernian Jungle

 Excluding Mexican food festival HRC organizing Live Performance by The Hibernian Jungle which will be on 18 Sept 2012. You will find the cafe in the heart of the thriving metropolitan city of Bengaluru at the intersection of M.G. Road and St. Marks Road.

Date: 18th Sept 2012
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe 40, St. Marks Road

Spicy food, foot tapping Latin music, refreshing Margaritas - Hard Rock Cafe brings you all of this and more with its special and spicy Mexican Food Fiesta. With a wealth of spices, Mexican fare is known for its varied flavors, colorful decoration and a host of ingredients. Hard Rock Cafe the world renowned cafe promises to entice the palate of its patrons with delectable burritos and tost adas. The restaurants in Bangalore with live music will come alive with its larger than life Mexican decor. Adding more flavor to the fiery fiesta will be Mexican tequila shots and margaritas.

Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore
Speaking on the festival, Jay Singh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hard Rock Cafe, said: 'Hard Rock Cafes across the world are known for their rock music and lip-smacking food. We like to try out different things to serve our patrons better and make their experience more memorable at HRC. After the overwhelming success of last year's Mexican festival we are happy to bring back the experience of diverse Mexican culture through their spicy food, drinks and music.'

The festival will serve an exquisite array of mouth-watering delicacies like Legendary Beef & Smokey Re fried Bean burger, Smoked Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla, HRC Special BBQ Chicken Tostada, Bahama Mama Chicken Tender Burrito,Spicy American Corn & Cheddar Cheese Samosette,Orange Tequila Prawns Infused With Smoked Chipotle and not to forget Crunchy Cottage cheese Veg Taco sand Grilled Chicken Tacos which are just to name a few from the appetizing menu.After digging into these flavorsome and tempting delights, you can sweeten your taste buds with our special dessert -Tres Leche, something which can't be missed.

The fun doesn't stop here as HRC brings some really cool and interactive contests for its patrons such as Speedy Gonzlez & Hola Tequila. Minimum off our contestants can participate in this contest where they will have to create and eat a Mexican style burrito at Mexican restaurants. Contestant who makes and eats the burrito the fastest wins exciting gifts. One can also register on Social Media to participate in both these contests.

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For getting details about every food festival in Bangalore and nightlife events venues please keep visiting on Buzzintown.

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Ganesh chaturthi Celebration in Mumbai and Upcoming events

Sri Ganesh photo
Ganesh chaturthi in Mumbai celebrated with solemnity and vigor. Ever since, the Ganesh Utsav has been celebrated socially with the pomp and splendour increasing exponentially with each passing year. This great festival of India lasts for 10 t0 12 days. It started on the fourth day after new moon in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada (August – September). Ganesh Chaturthi 2012 date is September 19, Wednesday. The Ganapati festival will end with the immersion (Visarjan) of the idol on Ananta Chaturdasi day i.e on September 29, 2012.

Mumbai is multi cultural and multi ethnic in Nature. We can find most festivals and lot of events organized in every corner of city. So on the eve of ganpati ganesh chaturthi let's find some events in Mumbai.

Workshop To Draw & Decorate Own Ganesha

creative Ganesh
Date: 15th September 2012
Time: 03:30 PM
Venue: Oxford Book Store, Apeejay House, 3 Dinsha Vachha Road, Churchgate

Oxford Bookstore, Mumbai invites children between the age group of 5-10years to participate an enthralling session which will witness the drawing and painting of Ganesha images through little hands. The workshop will guide how to use creativity of little magnetic minds.

Ganesha – Exhibition

Ganesha exhibition
Date: 12th Sep To 30th September 2012
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: The Bombay Store, Inorbit Mall, Ground Floor, Goregaon, Malad West

On the precious day of Ganesh Chaturthi 'The Bombay Store' exhibits one of the largest range of Ganesha's in various forms and sizes.

The highlights of the exhibition is Ganesha idols made from natural elements like terracotta Yoga Ganesh from Karnataka and Soft Stone or Soap stone Ganesha's from Orissa, traditional whitewood Ganesha's from Rajasthan and sandalwood Ganesha's from Karnataka. The treasure trove for art enthusiasts take center stage with exquisite display of intricately carved brass Ganesha's from Moradabad and Resin Art Ganesha. These Ganesha idols are abstract and traditional; available in different shape, designs and colours for the festive season and can also be used all year longs to give the perfect clannish look to your house. Visit and collect your preferred Idol and invite Ganapati Papa to your home.

Enhance creativity and Make Paper lotus For Ganesha

Paper lotus For Ganesha
Date: 15th September 2012
Time: 03:00 PM
Venue: Bombay Paperie, 59, Bombay Samachar marg, Fort

Whatto offer on Ganesh Chaturthi? Sangita Wadhwani oranizing special workshop for 6 to 12 years children (adults will be included ) at Bombay Paperie on the eve of Ganesh festival. Come, learn and show creativity by making paper lotus which will be offered to sri Ganesh.

Eco-friendly Ganesh idols

Eco-friendly Ganesh
Date: 17th Aug To 30th Sep 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: Apartment Therapy, Sector 21, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Environment getting polluted, natural resources are depleting day by day. Ganesh idols made of POP wreaked havoc on the environment, for they are not bio-degradable and do not dissolve easily in water, even though they cost less. POP idols lead to large scale water pollution, by increasing the acid content in the water and also take much longer to dissolve.

Now to protect nature 'Go green is the Mantra'. Lets start using Eco-friendly Ganesh idols and celebrate Ganesh chaturthi with a greener approach letting go of hazardous POP idols. You can now opts for greener options like Paper Mache and Clay.

What to eat on Ganesh Caturthi?

On this special occasion of Ganesh chaturthi restaurants in mumbai offering special Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes like Besan Ke Ladoo, Kaju Ke Barfi, Karanji, Modak, Motichoor Ke Ladoo, Puliyodarai, Puran Poli, Rawa Ladoo, Moong Dal Ka Halwa and lot more...

Besan Ke Ladoo

besan ladoos

Ganesh Chaturthi Modak

Ganesh Chaturthi Modak

Ganesh Ustav Sweets

Ganesh Ustav Sweets

To find lot of food options in Mumbai.