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Food Festivals in Bangalore and Chennai

As such so many food festival has happened till now but the Coorgi food has a unique identity because Coorg is influenced by the geography of the land as well as the history and culture of the inhabitants. Its a small district but very famous for its own dishes. So why not try this time for Coorgi food. Its happening in Chennai from 19 June to 30 June.

Coorgi food festival in Chennai
Date: Jun 19 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Park Sheraton Chennai , Tamilnadu

Coorgi food festival in Chennai

It’s a well-known fact that the Coorg's live to eat and take pride in their distinctive cuisine, which is influenced by the geography of the land as well as the history and culture of the inhabitants. The South Indian restaurant at Hotel Park Sheraton, Dakshin is offering an authentic taste of Coorg over a 12-day long Coorg Food Festival at Dakshin.

The Kodavas (inhabitants of Coorg) trace their descent from Alexander the Great and consequently are strictly non-vegetarian. Coorgi fare is high on spices which are grown in the region, with liberal use of pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. Liberal doses of kachampuli, a dark and tart vinegar which adds the authentic touch to the cuisine.

The accompaniments include sannas, puttu, pulao, yellow flavoured rice and egg biryani. Fish / chicken / beef pickle and chutneys add a dash of spice to the meal There’s a variety of rice dishes to choose from but we would highly recommend the nei kool (rice garnished with nuts and raisins, drenched in hot ghee!). Try the Akki Otti which goes best with a variety of curries including crab, meat and pork.

The delicious non-vegetarian options include meat pulao, Kadabu, prawn curry, chicken / fish curry, koli curry (chicken), fried quail, fried chicken coated with sesame seeds, venison, liver masala, menu saaru (fish), pork chops, pandi curry (pork) and parande fry. Cubes of pork in a dark sauce are served with buttery kadambuttus and a squeeze of lime.

Date: Jun 13 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Herbs and Spice 221 7th Cross 1st Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore

Roasted Mango and Basil Puree
- Chicken Mango Broth
- Ripe Mango & Feta
- Smoked Chicken Mango
- Chicken Mango Roll
- Herbed Mango fusilli

Date: Jun 15 2012 To Jul 01 2012
Venue: The Paul Domlur, Bangalore

Kerala Street Festival @ Vembanad
The Thattukada (street food) experience is something that most Malayalis relish and cherish.

And the Vembanad at The Paul Bangalore is all set to celebrate ethnic street recipes of Kerala with a Thattukada Fest. From chapathi with kozhi porichadu and thattu dosa to mola puttu and kadala curry, the spicy and tangy whiffs and tastes of rustic Kerala come to Bangalore.

Vembanad, popular for the cuisine of the famed coasts of India, has an extensive menu that offers choices of spicy Kerala and authentic Indian coastal cuisine, also presents the famed architectural brilliance of Kerala, thus offering a nice dining experience. The Thattukada Fest is a great occasion to experience the finest flavours of Kerala at this ethnic restaurant. Do not forget to try Thattukada specials like mathi karuvepila fry, nadan njandu olarthu, panni erachi varatiyathu, erachi puttu and the special black tea.

Thali Festival @ Linx

Date: Jun 28 2012 To Jul 05 2012
Venue: Premier Inn Bangalore Whitefield, Bangalore

Thali Festival @ Linx. Enjoy the delicous & Scrumptious North Indian and South Indian Thalis Served like never before.

Thai Food Fest

Date: Jun 22 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: The Residency Gn Chetty Road, T nagar

Chin Chin at The Residency presents a Thai Food Fest. Choose from the a la carte menu that includes soups such as Tom Yum, Tom Kha and Tom Jued, appetisers such as Tao Hoo Satay and Koong Hom Paa, rice, noodle varieties that include Khao Phad Kraphaw and Kuey Tiao Pad Tha. It's on for lunch on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends.

Catch is Back at Kayal

Date: Jun 15 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Le Royal Meridien Guindy Chennai , Tamilnadu

Live Screening of Football Matches @ Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

If you’re in the grip of Football Fever your symptoms could range from impatiently searching for the latest scores, burning rivalry, unconditional favorites, devouring soccer news and looking for match results!

There’s just one place that has the cure: head to Hard Rock Cafe (Live Screening of Football Matches) for all that’s hot on football, to have a ball, grab some American fare and to catch the epic football live this season! All football fans can rejoice: this place among the restaurant in Bangalore offers live screening of all matches so get there well in time to grab the hot seat and watch the drama unfold! 


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Know what will happen in Bangalore this week days and weekend

What would you like to know? I mean Music Concert or Comedy shows or Cultural Events or Food festival. I have so many updated news for Bangalorians whatever you like just find out details here about any event. Bangalore is the land of celebration, here so many events are going on every week. I am starting to give some comedy events information.

Stand Up Comedy Bangalore
Watch this hilarious trio and enjoy your weekend. 

Event Date: Jun 2 2012 7:30 pm
Event Venue: Park Hotel No.14/7,Opp To Ulsoor Exchange (Tele), Mg Road, Bangalore

Date: Jun 30 2012
Venue: Alila Hotel #100/6, HAL-Varthur Main Road, Whitefield
Praveen Kumar - Rated as one of the top 10 Stand up Comedians in India, He has done over 150 shows across the country and outside the country. He is also a regular performer in the Comedy Store, Mumbai.

Kunal Rao - Over the last two years, Kunal Rao has performed in over 150 shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi as the opening comedian for Sorabh Pant's Pant on Fire, and has been a regular at the Mumbai Comedy Store's 'Best In Stand Up comedy Weekends'.

Sapan Verma - Sapan Verma watches movies, plays games, and sleeps all day under the guise of a stand-up comedian. He is a regular at The Comedy Store in Mumbai and is one of the only 15 people in India to be featured on their exclusively Indian comedy show called the Local Heroes. 

Narnia – Play:
Narnia Play at Bangalore
Date: Jun 09 2012 To Aug 07 2012 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM Daily
Venue: Sankula 3g Theatre 19th Cross, I Stage, Banashankari, Bangalore

Sankula 3G Theatre presents 'NARNIA' - a Rich, Colorful, Fantasy play.
The Story is based on the novel 'The Magical Wardrobe' by C S Lewis. There are various interesting reasons to bring 'Narnia' as a stage play. Though the play here being very affluent and wealthy, having hundreds of characters, dances, stage crafting, music, lighting effects, rich costumes, beautiful choreography, stage & set design etc, it does not affect the theatre motif and subject intention. This becomes a very interesting matter for the schools to present it for their children.

Karibanta – Play
Date: Jun 26 2012
Venue: Ranga Shankara 36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar

Jugaari Cross - Play
Date: Jun 27 2012 To Jun 28 2012
Venue: Ranga Shankara 36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar

John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters – Play
John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters – Play
Date: Jun 29 2012
Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore No. 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar

Indian Stage in association with Masquerade Youth Theatre presents John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters by Masquerade Youth Theatre.

Faced with the responsibility of looking after their orphaned niece, Theresa and Angelica, two middleaged sisters, have settled on the idea of impersonating begging nuns in order to send Tania to art school in Europe.

But as the play begins they have run into double trouble. An agile young burglar is about to make off with their ill-gotten gains: and a suspicious policeman has followed Theresa (and her collection bucket) home

Around the world in 8 plays – Play

Eight PlaysDate: Jun 29 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Chowdiah Memorial Hall Gayathri Devi Park Extension, 16th Cross, Malleswaram

Around the world in 8 plays - Play. Watch the students of the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama as they showcase once again their love for theatre in the incredibly magical story called 'Around the world in 8 plays'.

IGUM 2012: Flash Dance Performance:

Date: Jun 25 2012 To Jul 01 2012
Venue: Palace Grounds Jayamahal Road

IGUM 2012: Flash Dance Performance. A Flash Mob is a sudden outburst of group dancing in a public space. flash dance brings alive the folkdance traditions of the German country-side, where music, choreography and people, together create an atmosphere of fun.

IGUM 2012: Dance Workshop - Storm Returns to Bangalore with Patrick Grigo
Date: Jun 25 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Palace Grounds Jayamahal Road

Bangalorians, you are a lucky lot. Here's a second chance to witness the genius of world-renowned hip hop dancer/choreographer Niels 'Storm' Robitzky.

After a roaring response to his workshop and performance 'Solo for Two' in September 2011, Storm returns to Bangalore with Patrick Grigo to conduct a Workshop/Lec-Dem/Seminar, for anyone who is interested, starting June 25 at Palace Grounds.

Oh! now if you are satisfied with entertainment then can I move towards food and dinner? Because In spite of Music, Comedy and Dance some food festival and Food promotional events are also happening in Bangalore.

Chocolate Extreme for June's Flavour of the Month @ Gelato Italiano

Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012

Piano, Guitar and Keyboard workshop in Koramangala – Bangalore

Music Concerts Events in Bangalore
Date: May 01 2012 To Jun 29 2012
Venue: Eastern Fare Music Foundation #117, 1st Block, 1st Main, Koramangala

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is a music school in Bangalore It has branches in Koramangala, Bellandur and Vijay nagar. Eastern Fare provides courses for Keyboard, Guitar, Piano, Veena and Carnatic Vocal classes.

Gelato Italiano launches Chocolate Extreme for June's Flavour of the Month.

Priced at an inviting Rs. 12, on 1st June, it can also be had for Rs. 18 in a cone on that day. The flavour is created using a combination of rich cream, and the heartening mix of cocoa powder and milk. The ingredients are carefully blended bring out the textures and intensity of flavours.

Under Wraps @ Ista
Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: The Pink Poppadom Ista Hotel, 1/1, Ulsoor, Off M G Road, Bangalore

This reminds one of gazing by the windows at the distant rolling tufts of grey with thunderclaps and the evening 'tapur-tupur' of the monsoon showers ! Time to just tuck in with a mug of the hot cuppa of chai and read your favorite magazine. Time to savour some light delicacies which are a delight to look at too ! We at Ista, will treat you to a range of eclectic dishes that the award winning restaurants in Bangalore, 'The Pink Poppadom' has to offer all through the month of June - all wrapped up, snug and delicious !

Its Grill & Beer feast @ Ista
Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Ista 1/1 Swami Vivekananda Road, Ulsoor

Some sunshine, chillness of monsoon showers, smoky grilled meats and veggies succulent with flavors and sips of chilled lager ! Weekdays will become weekends!
Grills on the Deck at Ista presents June as the month of grills with beer. So, don your forks and knives and be ready to dig into our sumptuous barbeques.

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Watch weekend Events in Bangalore

Weekend is special for school going student to office going people. Some plan for outing and some decide to stay in home to do something different and someother decide to be in the part of events happening around them in their city. All things been decided based on some information arround them and interests. If you are stying at Bangalore let decide where to go at this weekend.

Md. Rafi & Kishore Kumar Show

Date: Jun 23 2012
Time: 6:30 pm

Power of A's, popular among the Chennai and Bangalore crowd for their Md.Rafi shows are presenting Md.Rafi & Kishore Kumar songs together for the first time - " Re-Live Md.Rafi & Kishore Kumar " sung by Md.Aslam of the A.R.Rahman group and Hamid Khan of Mumbai. A never miss event for Md.Rafi & Kishore Kumar fans.

While Hamid Khan is becoming more & more popular as Voice of RAFI, Mohammed Aslam is the nearest match for KISHORE’s Voice in the world, claims the organizer Aslam Shariff.

Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao

Venue:Chowdiah Memorial Hall
Date: June 24, 2012
Time: 6:00 pm

Kshitij is back again with its next dose of laughter medicine, “MUJHE MERIBIWI SE BACHAO”, a hilarious play which will surely rock you off your seats. Three friends – one who is blind, one who is deaf and one who is dumb – live together with their handicaps and lots of creditors. A goon is hired to recover the debts. Realizing that the threes are incapable of repayment, the goon offers them a job to kidnap a rich industrialist’s wife. With that a roller coaster ride of laughter begins.
So if you are a theatre buff and love the comedy genre, then don’t wait…trust us…!! This is a fun riot at its best. Excellent characters and super fantabulous timing. Every character makes you laugh, laugh and laugh.

Bangalore Shorts Film Festival-2012

Venue: The Bell Hotel and convention centre
Date: Jun 24 2012
Time: 9:00 am

For Short films, animations & documentaries, to be held in Bangalore on 24 June-2012. To mark the celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema. The events will be included like:

* National & international shorts films screenings
* Workshops on Documentary filmmaking
* Master class on Film Direction
* Workshop on script writing
* Talk on 100 years of Indian cinema
* Filmmaking contest 

It will be a good options for networking opportunities to upcoming filmmakers and bring the enlightening & entertaining new age cinema of youth & experienced filmmakers.

Kerala Street Festival @ Vembanad

Thattukada - Kerala Street Festival @ Vembanad, Bangalore brings an Authentic flavours for a fiery experience. Vembanad celebrates the ethnic street recipes of Kerala. From Nadan Kozhi Kurry to Mola Puttu and Kadala Curry, the spicy and tangy whipps and tastes of rustic Kerala Beckon. This festival started from 15th June to 1st July.

Street Food Festival @  Boutique Bar

Who don't like food ? But we have always a special appetite for street food. But sometimes we hesitate to eat for hygenic conditions. But when we speak about taste we found better than ant star restaurants, thats why we like it.
This time keeping to the preference of people Boutique Bar restaurant @ HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar organizes Mediterranean Street Food Festival with complete hygenic condition. A food Festival that will takes your senses to splurge on the colloquial cuisine of the Mediterranean region. Come to experience the streets of Med and her secret recipies.

Visit restaurants in Bangalore to enjoy more Food festivals

Indo-German Urban Mela

Venue: Palace Grounds
Date: Jun 22, 2012 To Jul 01, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM

The centrepiece of the year of Germany in India is the 'Indo-German Urban Mela', a set of modern multi-purpose pavilions, designed especially for the year of Germany in India by renowned German artist Markus Heinsdorff. The concept behind the 'Indo-German Urban Mela' combines design elements from both countries with state-of-the-art textile technology, thereby creating a symbiosis of art, architecture and technology.

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Exciting Events In Delhi At Weekend

Imran Khan – Live music

Venue: QuantumThe Leap, Centre Stage Mall, Noida
Date: 16th June 2012
Time: 10:30 pm 

Punjabi singer Imran Khan going to perform his Live Music show at Quantum The Leap, Centre Stage Mall, Noida on 16th 2012. After a record-breaking year in 2010 performing at over 400 + Sold Out shows across the globe, Imran Khan has reached an unprecedented amount of popularity through his award-winning album 'Unforgettable'. His track 'Amplifier' caught the attention of both Hollywood & Bollywood movie directors, with its astronomical number of views on media portal YouTube (over 25 million views and counting). Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the live show....

Summer fun @ Citywalk

Summer fun at Select Citywalk. Summer Holidays are here again!! It's that time of the year when kids are free to do what they please, all the time in the world to play, no restrictions whatsoever ...except for that hot sweltering sun!!

Experience an old-school style fete with the Kids' Summer Fun 2012, go one step ahead and train your child for confident public speaking with Mark5films newsroom reading course, or polish your child's acting skills with Barry John, the same who trained ShahRukh Khan!!

Summer Weekend Theater festival 2012

Date:15 To 17th June2012
Time: 6:30 pm
ShriRam Centre Repertory Company-presents, Summer Weekend Theater festival 2012, Mohan Das - Play. Mohan Das the novella by Uday Prakash deals with the trails and tribulations of an ordinary man in post – independent India. It describes the life of a man fighting to create an identity for himself in the corrupt political structure. The use of telling details in a well crafted story brings the characters to life, and, as such the book is considered a significant contribution to Indian fiction in Hindi. Book your tickets well in advance.

Dhabe Di Chuski At Rang De Basanti Dhaba

There are a lots of restaurants in Delhi offering weekend specials to their customers. You can find a lot of Summer Food Festival Events in Delhi. Rang De Basanti Dhaba is one of the favored dhaba of Delhi people. Chuski without the worries! Rang De Basanti Dhaba at E-18, First Floor, New Delhi promise you the best of 'chuski wale bhaiya' ki chuski, sans the hygiene concerns In an air-conditioned environment, and hygienic crushed ice And some interesting flavours to tease your palate Try the Aam Panna, Jaljeera, KalaKhatta and GulabRas flavours And if you like your chuski with a twist, we have 'with alcohol' versions of the same. This special cuisine will be served to their visitors from Jun 05 2012 To Jul 31 2012.

Mera Kuch Samaan – A plays by 'Salim Arif'

Venue: Kamani-AuditoriumCopernicus Marg, Delhi (NCR)
Date: Jun 20 2012 To Jun 23 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
A four days' festival 'Mera Kuch Samaan...Celebrating Gulzar Season II' will have three plays Kharaashein, Sunte Ho and Arre O Henry... an unique collage of poems and stories written by Gulzar saab on the first three days. And a special evening, Rubaru with Gulzar saab and his poetry on the closing day of the festival. The plays will have some of the finest actors from Hindi film industry like Atul Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Anup Soni, Lubna Salim, etc. 

Visit for more updated information about weekend events, food festivals, Best restaurants in Delhi to eat out.

For any assistance to book a ticket Call Ahmed: +91-99869-84878.

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Special Weekend Events In Bangalore

Tumhari Amrita – A Special Play by Shabana Azmi

Event Venue: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, 16th Cross, Malleswaram
Date: Jun 15th 2012
Time: 7:30 pm

After celebrating 20 years of Tumhari Amrita in Mumbai and Delhi Shabana Azmi and Farooq Shaikh coming to Bangalore on Friday 15th June, 2012, 7-30 pm at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

Tumhari Amrita a poignant love story told through letters spanning a period of 35 years. A lyrical journey in time and space, chronicles the lives of two very different people, who cannot live with or without each other. So don't miss to attend such a golden opportunity to watch this.

After attending this wonderful show definitely you will feel hungry would like to visit best restaurants in Bangalore or some special cuisine which can satisfy you.

Dosa Festival At Keys

Restaurants In Bangalore and in other major cities of India organizes lot of food festivals throughout the year. The ongoing Dosa Fest at The Keys Hotel is a treat for lovers of this South Indian delight. Dosas are perennial favourites and that seems to explain the plethora of dosa festivals in the city. In addition to all-time favourites such as the Mysore masala dosa with potato and peas stuffing and the uttappam are not-so-common dosas like the Keys curry leaf dosa and the ragi dosa, made with a fermented batter of black lentil and ragi flour, for the health-conscious. A hot favourite with children is the cheese and egg dosa.

Chakkuli pitha, a kind of uttappam from the region of Tullu, is a fluffy thick ‘pancake-like dosa infused with onion and chilli and grilled on both sides for a crisp outer crust.'

Who don't like Music? To shake your leg with amusing music with unique rhythm Filipino Band, Zahara going to perform Live Music at weekend.If you are a music lover then this surely is a must attend event for you. Enjoy the live performance by Filipino band and groove to their hits. Make sure you gather your bunch of friends and have a wonderful evening. Be there and have a blast.

Refresh your mood in this scorching heat with the cool long drinks like Tiki puka puka, chi chi, zombie, rum giggle, pogo stick, and siboney, to name a few. Choose from an exotic array of signature cocktails and beat the soaring temperature with cool breeze.

One of the thrilling play is going to perform at Jagriti Theatre. Shipwrecked - Play. Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies presents a good old-fashioned yarn: the breathless story of a Victorian gentleman whose colourful past as a seafaring wanderer springs to life like a theatrical pop-up book. With 3 actors playing 30-odd characters, a host of very interesting props and live sound, Shipwrecked! will appeal to people from the age of 8 to 80. Don't miss it!

To be entertained Buzzintown brings a lot of information about weekend events, Food festival, Best restaurants in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or your near by city to eat out. Visit us regularly to be updated.

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Top Weekend events in Mumbai

Mumbai is the hotspot place for events, Nightlife, Dj and pubs. Watch the most exciting events of Mumbai at weekend.

Rain Dance with DJ Lloyd

Venue: The Celebration Sports Club, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri
Date: Jun 10 2012
Time: 5:00p.m

Rain dance the most exciting activities of todays young generation. Get ready for rain along with high voltage musical power as Mint x'perience and celebration sports club lokhandwala brings you the one and only rain dance party with India's voted no. 1 "DJ LLOYD - THE BOMBAY BOUNCE", Live and exclusive also featuring "DJ PRADEEP" on opening sets. so join us for Lokhandwala's ultimate Rain Dance Party this Sunday.

DJ Night at House Paradise Fest 2012 @ RockBottom

Who don't like music? Purple Stone Entertainment going to Presents festival of pure House Muzik. India's No 1 House 'DJ Anish Sood' (Opened for Invasion Fest for World's No 1 'DJ David Guetta' invasion festival and astounding performance did at Sunburn Mumbai '12) - with best of 8 house DJ's lined up, 7 hours of Non-Stop House Music.

Unlimited and normal entry deals available. Experience Clubbing from 6pm onwards till mid night. Call Ahmed:+91-99869-84878 for booking

14th Lifestyle Shopping Fair in Mumbai

Shoping is an unique experience. What we are looking if we can get under a single roof it saves a lot of time and make us happy. 

Marriage Mantra presents its 14th Wedding & Lifestyle Shopping Fair.For all the shop-o-holics, the wait is over. Marriage Mantra's Wedding & Lifestyle Shopping Fair on 4th June at Hotel Vivanta by Taj President located in the plush ambience of Cuffe Parade will house under one roof unique collection of designs from across India of Bridal Wear, Trousseau Wear, Western Wear, Jwellery, Home Decor, Gifts, Footwear, Bags, Kid's Wear, Home Furnishings & much more. It will be a day of fun filled shopping with lots of free gifts for all visitors & contests you could win.

Lahori FoodFestival @ TGIF

Mumbai restaurants are famous for delicious cuisine. Lahori Food Festival at The Great Kabab Factory. Delectable Kababs from the bylanes of Lahore. The Great Kabab Factory is an Indian specialty restaurant offering an unique dining experience. Using recipes combining the ancient with the contemporary, TGKF brings delectable kababs from all over the world to one table. At The Great Kabab Factory, one can experience mouth-watering kababs prepared in seven different styles, roasted on the tandoor or on a singhri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots or even grilled on a stone.

For the same great experience, the chefs from the fabled kitchens of The Great Kabab Factory offer you savories like Peshawari Kabab, Hussaini Seekh, Atishi Champ and more. Be a part of a feast that brings on your platter the sumptuous miracles from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshavar.
So don't miss to visit here to take this experience.

Dinner Specials at Malt and Pepper restaurant

Who don't like exciting cuisines? Indians are fond of food. To get ones preferred food people move from one corner of the city to other. Malt and Pepper restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai which offers Baked Vegetables served with garlic bread, Stir fried vegetables in Teriyaki sauce with rice Zucchini fritters in BBQ sauce with herb rice, Thai chicken stir fried with holy basil with smoked ginger rice, Southern spiced chicken with rice, Malaysian Fish curry served with rice, Prawns in black bean sauce with smoked ginger rice, Thai curry with rice, Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce & herb rice.

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Weekend events in Delhi

Weekends are exciting for everybody. Been worked for the whole week mind needs relaxation. Weekends been planed before where to go and what to do.

Hi guys do you know what are the best options in Delhi at this weekend ? Let's find it.

Kailash Kher Live In Concert

Kingdom of Dreams, India 's first and biggest live entertainment destination will be hosting a special evening for music lovers with Kailasa - Kailash Kher Live in Concert. The concert promises an awesome opportunity for the audiences to experience Kailash Kher's soulful voice with its Sufi touch.

A Tribute to Nusrat Fateh AliKhan

Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali is made up of two lead singers (Rizwan and Muazzam - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's nephews), five secondary singers leading the choral response and vigorous hand claps two harmonium players and a tabla player. They perform in traditional Qawwali style - sitting on the ground rather than on seats - which they believe brings them closer to God Last year, the intensity of their songs and stage performance led one commentator, only half-jokingly, to call them 'the Qawwali Clash.'

DJ Nights in Delhi

The most popular dj's in Delhi to entertaining at weekend. One of blueFROG Mumbai's hottest properties Retro Night with The Other People now comes to Delhi! Fronted by the handsome and effervescent Zarir Warden, this is a line-up of powerhouse musicians who bring their considerable talents and an infectious energy to the stage.

Food festivals in Delhi

Food the most exciting and satisfying item when you are hungry. So you can find lot of food festivals been arranged at restaurants in Delhi .

Summer Specials @TC, Adchini

Think of the simmering summers and what comes to your mind? Cool Ice-cream and some chilled beer! So TC has taken your favourites and given them a rock twist...

Beer Shampoo - A mix of white spirits topped with chilled beer
Mary Jane - Combining the thrill of white rum with the chill of ice-cream in a creamy textured drink

The Real Me - Based on the popular song by who, it combines Rum, Kahlua, Dooley's and chocolate ice-cream.

Sharbat Mela

You are cordially invited to Sharbat Mela 2012. Come & taste the most refreshing & healthy drinks. The Only way to beat the heat.

Sharbat Mela is a blend of traditional ethnic drinks and modern drinks in various colours. The famous traditional cold drinks liks thandai, lassi, Jaljeera, Mango Shake, Aam Ka Panna, Sattu, Kokam (a traditional drink from Maharashtra) and various other milk drinks are available for display and sale. Chuski, Kulfi, Fluda and Ice Creams would be added attraction. Earlier years more than 20,000 visitors enjoyed this “Cooling” experience at the “Sharbat Mela”

Desi Tadka Specials at Rang DeBasanti Dhaba

Desi Tadka Specials at Rang De Basanti Dhaba presents theke Ka Chaska (chaach, masala with vodka indulgence),  Khooni Billo(Bloody Mary with Indian Spices), Jaljeera Margherita(Our special, this summers) And in a Supporting Role.

Khana and gana are two exciting things in life you can enjoy at  anytime in your life. To find more exciting events and information visit