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Where To Have Onam Sadya | Bangalore | Chennai | Hyderabad | Thiruvananthapuram

Onam 2012

Onam 2012 Photo
Onam is South India's grand festival specifically celebrated by malayalis. As per Malayalam Calendar it is celebrated in the beginning of Malayalam Calendar (Kolla Varsham) called ‘Chingam’ which falls in the month of August-September according to Gregorian calendar. Onam festival 2012 falls on 29th August (Wednesday) which will celebrate over 10 days. Grand celebration happens at the end of 10th days called as 'Thiruvonam'. Popularly Onam is known as harvest festival.

Onam significance, Celebration and Maveli

Maveli photo
Onam festival celebrated with the honor of King Mahabali with a great spirit and lot of fun. There is a great story behind this celebration. The King Mahabali (Maveli) was very popular, powerful, generous but he was belonged to the Asura(demon) dynasty and at the same time he was a great worshiper of Lord Vishnu. To curb the growing reign of Mahabali and maintain their own supremacy, Aditi, the mother of Gods seeked help of Lord Vishnu.

Baman and Bali
To protect the complete world Lord Vishnu taken Vaman (dwarf ) avatar and asked 3 steps land to king Bali. To keep his promise king Bali shows his head for the 3rd step of Lord Vishnu who had came in the shape of Brahmin placed his foot on the head of the King, which pushed him to patala, the nether world. King Bali was much attached with his Kingdom and requested Lord Vishnu allowed to visit Kerala once in a year. This great nobility been granted by Vishnu and blessed even after losing all his worldly possessions, the King would always be loved by Lord Vishnu and his people. So this welcoming day is celebrated as ONAM

Onam celebration 2012
During this celebration people sings Onam songs, dance, organize different games and fairs.Two major part of the festival are onam sadhya and onam pookalam. Onam sadhya means great feast served during festival which consists of different delicious recipes. Especially Onam Sadhya is the typical 9-course vegetarian meal served during this festival in every home. Onam Poklam means decoration of fresh flower in front of every home during this festive session. 

Onam sadhya Dishes 

Onam sadhya
During Onam festival the fest called Onam sadhya is served with delicious cuisines.These specific recipes served in banana leafs in every Malayali households.Those popular recipes are Parippu curry, Paayasam, Sambar, Avial, Olan, Kaalan, Koottukari, Thoran, Kichadi, Pachadi, Rasam, Palada pradhaman. 

Onam sadhya Events

Now days onam sadya is widely available in Restaurants. Restaurants in different cities organizing Onam food festival and special Onam cuisine during festive days. Let's find some Onam special cuisines in different cities. 

Onam Feast In Bangalore Restaurants

Paul restaurant in Domlur
Date: 28th Aug To 30th 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: The Paul, Domlur, Bangalore

The Paul restaurant in Domlur brings signature flavors from the traditional cookbooks of Kerala. While exotic non vegetarian favorites adorn the buffet tables, the Ela Sadhya, a grand vegetarian spread, awaits you on Thiruvonam day. This Onam Promises to take a tasteful Swing at the Paul Bangalore.

Onam Special Lunch buffet At The Park

 The Park restaurant
Date: 29th Aug 2012
Time: All Day
Venue:The Park restaurant, 14/7, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore

On the eve of Onam festival 2012 The Park restaurant organizes special Onam lunch buffet. Don't miss these special Onam sadhya Dishes.

Onam Ela Sadhya- Food Festival in Chennai

Onam Ela Sadhya
Date: 20th Aug To 2nd Sep 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: Ente Keralam- Anna Nagar, Poes Garden & MRC Nagar

Ente Keralam is hosting a special ‘Onam Ela Sadhya’ at its restaurants in Poes Garden, Anna Nagar and MRC Nagar to celebrate the feast of Onam. The unique Ela Sadhya is a ‘pure vegetarian’ meal that consists of traditional delicacies served on a banana leaf. It is the highlight of the restaurant’s lunch menu, in addition to the regular menu.

Pon Onam At Le Royal Meridien

Le Royal Meridien
Date: 27th Aug To 29th Aug 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: Le Royal Meridien, GST Road, St Thomas Mount,Chennai

Le Royal Meridien brings Pon Onam Special Onam Food. Reminisce the story of a Great King, as you savor every bit of freshness and prosperity through our exclusive spread of Onam Sadhya.

Onam Sadhya at Garden cafe

Onam Sadhya at Garden cafe
Date: 27th Aug To 29th Aug 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: Radisson Blu GRT Hotels, 531 GST Road, St Thomas Mount

Get Ready to celebrate Onam and indulge in special prepared Onam Sadhya at Garden Cafe. It will feature specialities of Kerala such as kaalan, olan, avial, erussery, injipuli, injithairu, Mambazhapradhaman, Sharkkara Payasam, Avval Payasam and much more....

Kerala Onam Food Fest In Hyderabad

Onam Kerala Food
Date: 17th Aug To 26th Aug 2012
Time: All Day
Venue: Utupura Restaurant, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Utupura Restaurant in Hyderabad brings to you Kerala Food Festival on a la carte menu. Presenting a variety of traditional dishes from different parts of Kerala as Utupura celebrates its second anniversary on the eve of Onam.

Kerala served on a Platter

Kerala served on a Platter
Date: 24th Aug To 2nd Sep 2012
Time: 7PM
Venue: Promenade, Aditya Park Inn Aditya Trade Centre, Ameerpet

Promenade restaurant in Aditya Park will be organizing 'Kerala served on a Platter' a special food festival to celebrate Onam (the harvest festival). The specially designed food festival will offer an array of mouth watering authentic dishes. Kerala food festival promises to provide everyone an opportunity to enjoy the festivities and rejoice the bounty of nature with popular & authentic Onam dishes.

Onam Sadhya At Dakshin Coastal, Mumbai

Date: 29th August 2012
Time: All Day(Lunch: 12:30 PM to 2:45 PM & Dinner:7:00 PM - 11:45 PM)
Venue: Dakshin at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

Dakshin Coastal at ITC Maratha, in continuing with its tradition of showcasing the rich culinary legacies of the southern states of India will host 'Onam Sadhya', the grand Onam feast. Onam marks the onset of the harvest season in Kerala and has celebrations centered around dance, boat races and of course food. The restaurant will feature a traditional Onam lunch and dinner.

Apart from these you can find more Onam events and information on Onam festival celebration if you will visit 
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  1. Onam Sadya 2012, Bangalore, Indiranagar at SouthIndies – Pathetic Experience.

    Porotta, Appam, Dosa, Bhaji as starters, Ghee Rice, Icecream with strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch as flavours, are some of the dishes that Southindies caters for Onam Buffet (Yeah, its not a sadya, it’s a buffet).

    And yeah, Onam sadya on plate , not leaf !!!!

    That says it all !!! . What south indies calls as Onam Buffet 2012 is just a buffet of some south Indian dishes. Its no way a sadya, let alone the grand Onam sadya.

    Been to south indies for onam sadya 2012 with colleagues today (28 August, 2012), and it had been a let down completely.

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