Wednesday, January 16, 2013

List of Live Music Events Happening at Blue Frog Nightclub in Mumbai

The Blue Frog is a perfect hang out zone for the music lover. An old unused 6000 square foot warehouse has been turned to a hip and happening place so much so that any one who decides to show up after 09.30 PM has bleak chances of getting a table as they are booked in advance. The biggest USP of the place is its music scene. Live performances of local bands subscribing to every genre of music happen every night of the week. 

For music lovers in Mumbai we have a list of upcoming live music events happening at blueFROG nightclub in Mumbai. Have a look...

Nightlife Event Date: Jan 18, 2013

Nightlife Event Time: 10:30 PM, Event duration:  03:00 hrs

As a dedicated psychedelic artist U-Recken has managed through the years to capture the essence of psy music with structures, stories and melodies that touched thousands of people. With weekly performances around the globe, this powerful shaman is a force to reckon with!!

Live - Coalition (DJ Sanjay Dutta + DJ Beat2)

Mumbai Nightlife Event Date: Jan 19, 2013

Nightlife Event Time: 10:30 PM, Event duration:  03:00 hrs

Coalition: 'an alliance for combined action'

At the cradle of it's foundation, the mantra of Coalition (Sanjay Dutta + DJ Beat2) was simple - 'Deliver quality and cutting edge underground electronic music.' The concept took birth in 2011 at Chennai's super club Dublin and continued in other cities like Goa, Kolkata etc. Meticulous perfection to mix intelligent sounds made the audience groove involuntarily.

These prodigious crowds gyrating to the beats, became a familiar sight at venues across India. Having cast its aura across the country, Coalition is starting out and still quite fresh at heart.

Murra Lala Fafal Live @blueFrog

Music Concert Date: Jan 20, 2013

Music Concert Time: 09:00 PM, Event duration:  01:30 hrs

Murra Lala Fafal is a successive singer from a rural family of Marwada Meghwals, whose tradition of singing goes back 11 generations. His joyful spirit, habit of making musical jokes and finding a song for every occasion makes his performances one of a kind. 

Performing on his 300 years old Santaar he is literally holding the tradition and heritage of previous generations in his hands. Be there to get enchanted by his charisma and enormous mustache.

Tribute To Sting by Nikhil

Blue Frog Mumbai Event Date: Jan 22, 2013

Blue Frog Mumbai Event Time: All Day

Artists at BlueFrog they are all set to pay a musical tribute the British rocker - Sting this month! Sting, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist, actor and philanthropist. Prior to starting his solo career, he was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bassist for the rock band The Police. Artists performing in this event are Nikhil D'souza, Vinay Lobo, Kenneth Rebello, Jarvis Menezes and Adrian D'souza.

Get ready to experience the mind-blowing musical extravaganza by being a part of these upcoming nightlife events in Mumbai.

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