Thursday, March 14, 2013

Startup Festival Bangalore 2013 - Celebrating Startup Capital of India

Recently Startup Festival 2013 - 4 day mega event (7th -10th March, 2013) was jointly organized by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Unstoppable India and Karnataka government in Bangalore that unites
thousands of entrepreneurs, students, professionals and 100 partners under one brand to celebrate Bangalore's Rise as the Startup Capital of India & with mission to bring Bangalore, IT capital of India from 19th rank to top 10 startup hubs in the world.

This four day long Startup Festival was held at various locations in Bangalore including Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Koramangala and Palace Grounds. Entrepreneurs, renowned names from the industrial arena, mentors and investors from various field had actively taken part in this Startup Festival.

Friends, I have attended this Startup Festival in Bangalore. I can tell this is one of the successful event in Bangalore which will definitely helpful to lot of youngsters of India who are trying to bring their dream into reality. In this blog post I want to share with you couple of snapshots along with the details of few events which was scheduled to organized in this Startup Festival 2013....

The Startup Festival events includes Pump, Crawl, Powerhouse, Launch Pad, Bangalore Rises, Reload, Mentor Rx, Neighborhood Art Festival & Climax.


An early morning, energizing workout session @partner locations was held to got you totally pumped for the action-packed day ahead. Anything from gym to yoga. Really this morning session was superb & interesting!

Mentor Rx session includes the informative and interactive open table discussions with the leading investors and mentor for the startups who yet-to-be entrepreneurs, early stage startups and diverse partners. 

In this session top notch mentors and investors had shared their start-up experiences in business area & also answered all the queries by the audiences.

Questions such as where to start business, whom to approach for funding and learn from others’ mistakes are some of the important areas that entrepreneurs had done discussion with the participants.


Amazing session for those who are interested in entrepreneurship or already have started up on 'how-to start' with 30 minute workshop format and a personal connect with the founders and the team!

The event had startups such as, Printo and Justeat amongst others who shared their experiences with other entrepreneurs and they all were focussed on how successful entrepreneurs can also become good investors.


In this event the future of Bangalore was decided. Expert minds had offered their vision on Bangalore 2020 in a TED-like talk.

Names of some Speakers of Bangalore Rises session are Ravi Gururaj, co-founder at Harvard Angels India, Lalit Ahuja, chairman, Target Corporation India, Bharati Jacob, founding partner of Seedfund, Jawahar Bekay, founder at Tattvam Advisors and many more.

This Start-up Festival had witnessed a involvement of lots of thinkers and passionate people who have a dream of being an entrepreneur, who are already running a businesses & just getting ready to start a business.

I think it is right to say that each day of the festival was a chance for participants to live an entrepreneurial life – from dawn to dusk.

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