Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ozma - Performance : French Jazz Band

Alliance Franaise de Delhi presents, Ozma.
Ozma is a French Jazz Band deeply connected to the Imagination world. The young musicians 'borrowed' the name of their group from the 'Extra galactic life research program Ozma of the NASA'. And, in fact, their music is very much linked with Space. According to their fans, Ozmas music appears as 'ozmic', neologism for 'cosmic'.

Ozmas music is inspired from bands like the Dave Holland Quintet, Aka Moon, Ray Andersons Slickaphonics, and Steve Coleman and the Metrics. Thanks to their strong cohesion, on a human level (which is fairly rare for a jazz band) and on a musical level, ideas come about naturally in an abundance which makes up the originality of 'ozmical' music. In Ozmas particularly strange universe, the various landscapes, made up of a subtle balance between writing and improvisation, succeed one another with witty eloquence and humour.

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