Friday, April 30, 2010

Black & White Play in Bangalore on 02 May 10

Plays in Bangalore this Weekend

Black & White play is a collection of eight short plays. The name Black & White comes from the various shades of humour that run throughout the show, dark and light humour namely.

1) Fatal Beatings: A Rowan Atkinson sketch, where the headmaster beats a student to death,in order to maintain discipline. He has to break the news of the students death to his father.

2) Losing my Patients: A small sketch from the Bristish classic Morcambe & Wise, Losing my Patients takes you back to the good old days. A patient who doesn't really know whats wrong with him, a doctor who doesn't really care to take notice, a pathetic combination,but allows you to laugh your hearts out.

3) Surgery: A play by Anton Chekov. A dentist รข€“ I am sorry, a dentist to be, I mean he has all the experience as a doctor only that he does not posses a doctors degree waiting for a patient to pluck his first tooth.

4) Man With Three Buttocks: A hilarious comic sketch by the popular Monty Python troop, also known as Python. A man who claims to have three,hmmmm,u know,a bonus,a 50% extra.....ok three buttocks.

5) Arrangement: A really funny take on parenting by Anton Chekov. A father decides his to take his son on his nineteenth birthday a special place, where a father would never ever take his son.But he feels its all a part of growing up and must be treated as education. By taking him to a 'lady on the street'.

6) Audition: Written by Anton Chekov, an aspiring actor from a small town dreams to make it big in films.

7) Good Loser: A sketch by Rowan Atkinson. An actor loses the best actor award to his co-star, is asked to receive the award on his behalf. This he sees as an opportunity to hit back at his co-star.This three minute sketch shows the funny side of a spoil-sport.

8) Seduction: Yet another Anton Chekov play, which is a live practical demonstration on how to seduce a woman with a little help from her husband!

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