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Delightful buffet at Restaurants in Bangalore

Out of hundred of Bangalore restaurants, some of the top restaurants offer abundance dining choices and tastes from around the Karnataka. Bangalore is a hot spot for some of the best food and dining in South India. Food critics flock the city to rate the latest of “What’s Hot” and “What’s Not.” The following list is a short guide to the top Bangalore restaurants where you can enjoy weekend buffet and lunch. Just visit restaurants given here and share your experience.

Kebabgah - Kebab Festival at Baluchi

Venue Details: High Lalit Ashok, Grounds, Kumara Krupa Road.
Date: May 01 2012 To May 10 2012 

Top Restaurants in Bangalore

The Gourmet express at the Lalit Ashok is back with 'Kebabgah', a Kebab festival for all food lovers. Baluch Kebabgah will present the culinary razzmatazz and dazzle the senses for a Kebabri journey through the North West Frontier Province.

Savor the rich and tender taste of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sea food grills prepared from Recipes specially scouted from the North West Frontier Province like Murgh dum tikka baluchi, Zater aur Sumac Ka Murgh, Gosht Bihari Kebab or dig into some seafood grills like Jhinge ke sheek or Hing aur peeli mirch ki machalli. Each grill will be served With one family size Khameeri Naan, Rassa and Dal Baluchi.

The Great Indian Coastal Food Festival @ Spice it


Venue Details: IBIS (Barbeque & Grill) Bengaluru
Date: May 11 2012 To May 21 2012  
For 10 days, relish the flavours of delectable coastal cuisine, at Spice it. Dig into a sumptuous spread of dishes form Portuguese-influenced Goan delicacies to Spicy Culinary delights from the east coast, Savour the finest selection of prawns, crabs and fish, all served to delight your senses.

Special Lunch & Dinner Offers at Bean Here

Venue Details:  
The Solitaire Hotel 3, Kumara Krupa Road, Madhavnagar
Date: May 05 2012 To Jul 03 2012

Special Lunch & Dinner Offers at Nawab Indian Restaurnat

Venue Details:
The Solitaire Hotel 3, Kumara Krupa Road, Madhavnagar
Date: May 05 2012 To Jul 03 2012

Masala Tiffin at Masala Klub

The Masala Tiffin concept has been started for those wanting to have a light and quick meal. The offering is a set menu for vegetarian and non vegetarian.

Best Restaurants in Bangalore

Venue Details: The Taj West End Race Course Road
Date: May 08 2012 To May 31 2012

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