Monday, June 25, 2012

Know what will happen in Bangalore this week days and weekend

What would you like to know? I mean Music Concert or Comedy shows or Cultural Events or Food festival. I have so many updated news for Bangalorians whatever you like just find out details here about any event. Bangalore is the land of celebration, here so many events are going on every week. I am starting to give some comedy events information.

Stand Up Comedy Bangalore
Watch this hilarious trio and enjoy your weekend. 

Event Date: Jun 2 2012 7:30 pm
Event Venue: Park Hotel No.14/7,Opp To Ulsoor Exchange (Tele), Mg Road, Bangalore

Date: Jun 30 2012
Venue: Alila Hotel #100/6, HAL-Varthur Main Road, Whitefield
Praveen Kumar - Rated as one of the top 10 Stand up Comedians in India, He has done over 150 shows across the country and outside the country. He is also a regular performer in the Comedy Store, Mumbai.

Kunal Rao - Over the last two years, Kunal Rao has performed in over 150 shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi as the opening comedian for Sorabh Pant's Pant on Fire, and has been a regular at the Mumbai Comedy Store's 'Best In Stand Up comedy Weekends'.

Sapan Verma - Sapan Verma watches movies, plays games, and sleeps all day under the guise of a stand-up comedian. He is a regular at The Comedy Store in Mumbai and is one of the only 15 people in India to be featured on their exclusively Indian comedy show called the Local Heroes. 

Narnia – Play:
Narnia Play at Bangalore
Date: Jun 09 2012 To Aug 07 2012 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM Daily
Venue: Sankula 3g Theatre 19th Cross, I Stage, Banashankari, Bangalore

Sankula 3G Theatre presents 'NARNIA' - a Rich, Colorful, Fantasy play.
The Story is based on the novel 'The Magical Wardrobe' by C S Lewis. There are various interesting reasons to bring 'Narnia' as a stage play. Though the play here being very affluent and wealthy, having hundreds of characters, dances, stage crafting, music, lighting effects, rich costumes, beautiful choreography, stage & set design etc, it does not affect the theatre motif and subject intention. This becomes a very interesting matter for the schools to present it for their children.

Karibanta – Play
Date: Jun 26 2012
Venue: Ranga Shankara 36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar

Jugaari Cross - Play
Date: Jun 27 2012 To Jun 28 2012
Venue: Ranga Shankara 36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar

John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters – Play
John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters – Play
Date: Jun 29 2012
Venue: Alliance Francaise de Bangalore No. 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanthnagar

Indian Stage in association with Masquerade Youth Theatre presents John Patrick's Cheating Cheaters by Masquerade Youth Theatre.

Faced with the responsibility of looking after their orphaned niece, Theresa and Angelica, two middleaged sisters, have settled on the idea of impersonating begging nuns in order to send Tania to art school in Europe.

But as the play begins they have run into double trouble. An agile young burglar is about to make off with their ill-gotten gains: and a suspicious policeman has followed Theresa (and her collection bucket) home

Around the world in 8 plays – Play

Eight PlaysDate: Jun 29 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Chowdiah Memorial Hall Gayathri Devi Park Extension, 16th Cross, Malleswaram

Around the world in 8 plays - Play. Watch the students of the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama as they showcase once again their love for theatre in the incredibly magical story called 'Around the world in 8 plays'.

IGUM 2012: Flash Dance Performance:

Date: Jun 25 2012 To Jul 01 2012
Venue: Palace Grounds Jayamahal Road

IGUM 2012: Flash Dance Performance. A Flash Mob is a sudden outburst of group dancing in a public space. flash dance brings alive the folkdance traditions of the German country-side, where music, choreography and people, together create an atmosphere of fun.

IGUM 2012: Dance Workshop - Storm Returns to Bangalore with Patrick Grigo
Date: Jun 25 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Palace Grounds Jayamahal Road

Bangalorians, you are a lucky lot. Here's a second chance to witness the genius of world-renowned hip hop dancer/choreographer Niels 'Storm' Robitzky.

After a roaring response to his workshop and performance 'Solo for Two' in September 2011, Storm returns to Bangalore with Patrick Grigo to conduct a Workshop/Lec-Dem/Seminar, for anyone who is interested, starting June 25 at Palace Grounds.

Oh! now if you are satisfied with entertainment then can I move towards food and dinner? Because In spite of Music, Comedy and Dance some food festival and Food promotional events are also happening in Bangalore.

Chocolate Extreme for June's Flavour of the Month @ Gelato Italiano

Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012

Piano, Guitar and Keyboard workshop in Koramangala – Bangalore

Music Concerts Events in Bangalore
Date: May 01 2012 To Jun 29 2012
Venue: Eastern Fare Music Foundation #117, 1st Block, 1st Main, Koramangala

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is a music school in Bangalore It has branches in Koramangala, Bellandur and Vijay nagar. Eastern Fare provides courses for Keyboard, Guitar, Piano, Veena and Carnatic Vocal classes.

Gelato Italiano launches Chocolate Extreme for June's Flavour of the Month.

Priced at an inviting Rs. 12, on 1st June, it can also be had for Rs. 18 in a cone on that day. The flavour is created using a combination of rich cream, and the heartening mix of cocoa powder and milk. The ingredients are carefully blended bring out the textures and intensity of flavours.

Under Wraps @ Ista
Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: The Pink Poppadom Ista Hotel, 1/1, Ulsoor, Off M G Road, Bangalore

This reminds one of gazing by the windows at the distant rolling tufts of grey with thunderclaps and the evening 'tapur-tupur' of the monsoon showers ! Time to just tuck in with a mug of the hot cuppa of chai and read your favorite magazine. Time to savour some light delicacies which are a delight to look at too ! We at Ista, will treat you to a range of eclectic dishes that the award winning restaurants in Bangalore, 'The Pink Poppadom' has to offer all through the month of June - all wrapped up, snug and delicious !

Its Grill & Beer feast @ Ista
Date: Jun 01 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Ista 1/1 Swami Vivekananda Road, Ulsoor

Some sunshine, chillness of monsoon showers, smoky grilled meats and veggies succulent with flavors and sips of chilled lager ! Weekdays will become weekends!
Grills on the Deck at Ista presents June as the month of grills with beer. So, don your forks and knives and be ready to dig into our sumptuous barbeques.

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