Thursday, June 28, 2012

Food Festivals in Bangalore and Chennai

As such so many food festival has happened till now but the Coorgi food has a unique identity because Coorg is influenced by the geography of the land as well as the history and culture of the inhabitants. Its a small district but very famous for its own dishes. So why not try this time for Coorgi food. Its happening in Chennai from 19 June to 30 June.

Coorgi food festival in Chennai
Date: Jun 19 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Park Sheraton Chennai , Tamilnadu

Coorgi food festival in Chennai

It’s a well-known fact that the Coorg's live to eat and take pride in their distinctive cuisine, which is influenced by the geography of the land as well as the history and culture of the inhabitants. The South Indian restaurant at Hotel Park Sheraton, Dakshin is offering an authentic taste of Coorg over a 12-day long Coorg Food Festival at Dakshin.

The Kodavas (inhabitants of Coorg) trace their descent from Alexander the Great and consequently are strictly non-vegetarian. Coorgi fare is high on spices which are grown in the region, with liberal use of pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. Liberal doses of kachampuli, a dark and tart vinegar which adds the authentic touch to the cuisine.

The accompaniments include sannas, puttu, pulao, yellow flavoured rice and egg biryani. Fish / chicken / beef pickle and chutneys add a dash of spice to the meal There’s a variety of rice dishes to choose from but we would highly recommend the nei kool (rice garnished with nuts and raisins, drenched in hot ghee!). Try the Akki Otti which goes best with a variety of curries including crab, meat and pork.

The delicious non-vegetarian options include meat pulao, Kadabu, prawn curry, chicken / fish curry, koli curry (chicken), fried quail, fried chicken coated with sesame seeds, venison, liver masala, menu saaru (fish), pork chops, pandi curry (pork) and parande fry. Cubes of pork in a dark sauce are served with buttery kadambuttus and a squeeze of lime.

Date: Jun 13 2012 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Herbs and Spice 221 7th Cross 1st Stage, Indiranagar Bangalore

Roasted Mango and Basil Puree
- Chicken Mango Broth
- Ripe Mango & Feta
- Smoked Chicken Mango
- Chicken Mango Roll
- Herbed Mango fusilli

Date: Jun 15 2012 To Jul 01 2012
Venue: The Paul Domlur, Bangalore

Kerala Street Festival @ Vembanad
The Thattukada (street food) experience is something that most Malayalis relish and cherish.

And the Vembanad at The Paul Bangalore is all set to celebrate ethnic street recipes of Kerala with a Thattukada Fest. From chapathi with kozhi porichadu and thattu dosa to mola puttu and kadala curry, the spicy and tangy whiffs and tastes of rustic Kerala come to Bangalore.

Vembanad, popular for the cuisine of the famed coasts of India, has an extensive menu that offers choices of spicy Kerala and authentic Indian coastal cuisine, also presents the famed architectural brilliance of Kerala, thus offering a nice dining experience. The Thattukada Fest is a great occasion to experience the finest flavours of Kerala at this ethnic restaurant. Do not forget to try Thattukada specials like mathi karuvepila fry, nadan njandu olarthu, panni erachi varatiyathu, erachi puttu and the special black tea.

Thali Festival @ Linx

Date: Jun 28 2012 To Jul 05 2012
Venue: Premier Inn Bangalore Whitefield, Bangalore

Thali Festival @ Linx. Enjoy the delicous & Scrumptious North Indian and South Indian Thalis Served like never before.

Thai Food Fest

Date: Jun 22 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: The Residency Gn Chetty Road, T nagar

Chin Chin at The Residency presents a Thai Food Fest. Choose from the a la carte menu that includes soups such as Tom Yum, Tom Kha and Tom Jued, appetisers such as Tao Hoo Satay and Koong Hom Paa, rice, noodle varieties that include Khao Phad Kraphaw and Kuey Tiao Pad Tha. It's on for lunch on weekdays and lunch and dinner on weekends.

Catch is Back at Kayal

Date: Jun 15 To Jun 30 2012
Venue: Hotel Le Royal Meridien Guindy Chennai , Tamilnadu

Live Screening of Football Matches @ Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

If you’re in the grip of Football Fever your symptoms could range from impatiently searching for the latest scores, burning rivalry, unconditional favorites, devouring soccer news and looking for match results!

There’s just one place that has the cure: head to Hard Rock Cafe (Live Screening of Football Matches) for all that’s hot on football, to have a ball, grab some American fare and to catch the epic football live this season! All football fans can rejoice: this place among the restaurant in Bangalore offers live screening of all matches so get there well in time to grab the hot seat and watch the drama unfold! 



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