Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mystery Of Food At Harem Meeza

It was started in 2011 with the name Harem, very recently, it re-launched as Harem Meeza. It has been a party destination with an outdoor place. The journey to making it 'Meeza' with Indo-Middle Eastern overtones to the place and a new menu that gives the restaurant and lounge both an identity of its own, and takes both partying and regular dining one notch up. Just come and experience the land of Meeza for best food and fresh ambiance.

When food meets mystery, the expression is Harem Meeza. This Indo-middle eastern specialty restaurants in Delhi Garden of Five Senses is not just a culinary delight; it is pretty much a culinary journey into, not just world cuisine but also revisiting the influences into Indian cuisine, mostly North Indian. 
Harem Meeza Restaurant New DelhiFood the makers of Harem Meeza have taken pains to marry middle-eastern, chiefly Moroccan, Indian and comfort food into one seamless whole. So you find your pita breads and shawarmas jostling for space alongside chaats, Awadhi food while pizza and salads also find a pride of place. Welcome to Harem Meeza.

Chilly Tamarind Mojiti: We began our Harem Meeza journey with a hot and tangy Chilly Tamarind Mojiti (Rs 375 plus taxes). It instantly ‘wakes’ you up to reality with its green chilly and tamarind flavours, never mind other flavours like rum, lime…

The Harem Chaat Platter: Next on the table was chaat platter, Harem’s array of chaats – gol gappas, raj kachoris, etc dominating the scene. What’s interesting is you can try your gol gappas in four different flavours – tamarind, pineapple, ginger & sweet tamarind. Quite popular with Harem’s customers, we were told.

Harem Meeza Chat restaurant DelhiArabian Dhows: Let’s explore further into Harem Meeza’s culinary collection with a typical middle-eastern dish, the Arabian Dhows.

This dish imitates a dhow, an Arabian boat with typical sails. Here’s what it is --Tabuleh (an Arabic salad made from Bulgar, tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, onion and garlic) with Bocconcini (kind of cheese) and crispy bread sails (thin crispy bread shaped like an Arabic sail) served with Pomegranate-Sumac Aspic (kind of spice).

Arabic salad at Harem Meeza restaurant DelhiThis is quite exotic; the bread tastes quite like our papad (only there isn’t any spice) and is eaten with the succulent and finely-chopped salad--quite delectable. Certainly, a must-try though some might find it a bit dry

Tajine with Cous Cous: Here comes the signature Moroccan dish - Tajine with Cous Cous. To the uninitiated, Tajine is a typical Berber earthern pot in which much of Moroccan food gets cooked while Cous Cous is somewhat close to our dalia (made from wheat extract).

Tajine with Cous Cous at harem MeezaTajine is also the curry, prepared from chicken, lamb or other meats and a wide variety of Indian food and vegetables. They are fragrant, spicy and sweet.

Tehteh Paneer: Here’s another one from the desi kitchen--a staple paneer dish that comes in layers (hence tehteh). It’s stuffed cottage cheese with mint and gravy. Sample it only if you don’t wish to experiment with middle-eastern food.

Chicken Tikka Platter: This is your routine tikka platter with four kinds of Chicken tikkas - Murg Soole, Kesar-black chilli, Dhaniya garlic Tikka and Malai Tikka (with mint sauce and marinated onions). 
Chicken tikka at harem meeza DelhiBoth the above two platters are from the Indian collection, as the names suggest.

Baoli Handi: Here’s one straight from the kitchen of Awadh--the classic Indian curry with lots of spices. The difference here is that it has yogurt (dahi) as an important ingredient and it is cooked in a terracotta pot in ‘dum’. We tried Murgh variation though it comes in paneer option too.

Fattoush Salad: The tossed green Lettuce salad in a lemon and parsley dressing we tried wasn’t quite up to the mark. Quite passable actually.

Kunafa with Rose Petal Ice Cream: Here’s another interesting dish – this sweet dish is made from our sevayaiin, the thin crispy variant (vermicelli) and was quite heavenly. It was crunchy, it was sweet yet wasn’t dripping sweatness as it has a cream cheese filling in the center. Ideal dessert. The Rose Petal Ice Cream was a perfect add-on.

Rose Petal Ice cream at harem meeza DelhiNote: We also tried Mojito Fish Tikka . and Mediterranean Grilled Vegetable pizza.

Inspiration: Harem Meeza is a concept restaurant – it derives heavily from Rihla, a book of travels by the 14th century Moroccan explorer Ibn Batuta. Price for two: Rs 2000 (without alcohol) and Rs 3000 (with alcohol)

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