Monday, May 21, 2012

Mango ka mazza and Summer Chocolates at Mumbai Food Festival

Food festivals are the greatest moment to enjoy regional cuisine and forget about worries of every day life while tasting best delicious food. Find the details of the exciting and diverse festivals celebrating foods from every culture throughout the world. This is the best time to visit a region to get the most of its delicacies.

There are several mango festivals that take place throughout the world, the International Mango Festival in India is one of the largest food fest. More than five hundred different varieties of mangoes from different corners of India  are available in mango fest, celebrate the unique color, smell and taste of Indian mango. Along with food and mangoes hyper-city has been organizing the Chocolate festival also to fulfill your children desire to gifting him worlds best chocolates.

Mexican flavours - International Food Fest @ HyperCITY

Date: May 16 2012 To May 30 2012
Mexican Restaurants in Mumbai has evolved over the years and has always been known for its varied flavours and colourful ingredients & garnish. HyperCITY invites these flavours to its International Food Fest- Hyper Little Mexico which transcends the customer to the Mexican world.

This international food fest will be organized at all HyperCITY's outlets.

It shall display a vast range of more than 100 Mexican products. The Hyper Little Mexico has also opened doors to the intangible cultural heritage of Mexico . Chefs at HyperCITY would be charming the customers with various Mexican delicacies at the store on weekends through innovative recipe demos and valuable tips to add the extra zing to your delightful Mexican creation. Whip up spicy latino salsa and dips with the help of our experts and enhance your Mexican meal.

During this international food fest recipe cards of Mexican food will be shared with all the Mexican food lovers at restaurants in Mumbai. HyperCITY will not only be gratifying its customers with Mexican food ingredients but also create a Latino experience for all its patrons. The hypermarket will also have sampling trolleys across the store giving its patrons the local taste and feel of Mexico.

Mango Fest at HyperCITY

Date: May 09 2012 To Jun 30 2012

Mango Festival at Mumbai
Mango the king of fruits has always been relished by all. It has now arrived to tempt all of us with its juicy offers at HyperCITY. With a basket of best quality mangoes from different regions around the country, the fruit gives us plenty reasons to enjoy each bite of it at HyperCITY.

With every purchase of the royal fruit, the hypermarket is giving all its mango lovers a chance to win an LCD TV! Try your luck by spinning the wheel of fortune with the purchase of Coca-Cola minute maid mango drink and win exciting prizes. Also, with 'organic food' in demand, organic fruits are not far behind. With increasing awareness of non toxic and natural food, HyperCITY also brings forth the most healthy and tasty organic Mangoes for their conscious consumers.

Nutty Chocolate Fest at Pure Sin Chocolates

Venue: Pure Sin Chocolates G-5 Pil Court, 111 M.Karve Road, Mumbai
Date: Mar 23 2012 To May 22 2012

Chocolate Festival at Mumbai
Bite into this nutty, chocolatey fest at Pure Sin Chocolates. Choose from Almond Rocks (Toasted almonds embedded in rich,dark Chocolate), Cashew Rocks (Toasted Cashews embedded in rich, dark chocolate), Almond Mudpie (An exquisite combination of paste of roasted almonds and milk chocolate enveloped in chocolate cups-originally called Gianduja)Daze of Hazel (soft creamy hazelnut mousse & dark chocolate), Nuts about u (a delectable combination of smooth milk chocolate with cashews, almonds, raisins) What the fudge (just the original, mouth-watering chocolate walnut fudge covered in dark dessert chocolate)

Summer Chocolate Fest at Pure Sin Chocolates

Venue: Pure Sin Chocolates G-5 Pil Court,111 M.Karve Road, Mumbai
Date: Apr 16 2012 To May 28 2012

Summer Chocolate Fest at Pure Sin Chocolates. Bite into delicious mouth watering Chocolate only at Pure Sin Chocolates.Don't miss the Summer Chocolate Fest at Pure Sin Chocolate.Enjoy Delicious dark chocolates combined with assorted fruits and nuts to form irresistible flavors.

If you interested some more food festival, mango festival and some other events in Mumbai then visit Food and Dining in Mumbai.

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