Thursday, May 3, 2012

Food Festival in Bangalore with Distinct Cuisines

Hi guys we brought to you most exciting culinary delights through food festivals that are organized regularly. Mark your calendars! The Bangalore Food festival - a good stuff of delicious food can get here which is coming on May. Have an exclusive taste of Italian Food and be update. We're excited to show you the diversity of Italian cuisine at Bangalore Food Festival!  Here is more information related to upcoming food festivals.

Bangalore Food Festival to Acquaint with Regional Italian Dishes:

Italia at The Park celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Tuscany with a festival that begins this weekend. Executive Chef Rajiv Vimal says, “Tuscany is known for its cooking, but here in India, the focus is mostly on food from Rome and Milan. Our aim is educate people about Tuscan food, and increase its popularity in the city.”


The diverse flavours and cooking techniques of the region is honoured with an expansive menu. Both North and South Italy influence cooking in Tuscany, and the menu showcases this by including a wide range of cheese, pulses, seafood, meats and pasta. The menu also suggests the perfect wine pairing for every course of your meal.

Venue Details:
The Park, 14/7, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Date: Apr 27 2012 To May 06 2012

Italia the authentic Italian restaurant at The Park, Bangalore has provided the true taste of Italian cuisine to Bangalore since the time of its inception. For this festival Executive Chef Sandeep Kumar Rai & team have extensively researched both traditional & modern Tuscan recipes to create an exclusive & delightful menu. For the main course choose from three varieties of selection featuring fish, meat and vegetarian which are carefully paired with the finest wines from Tuscany. 

Venue Details: 
The Park, 14/7, Mahatma Gandhi Road
Date: Apr 30 2012 To May 06 2012

Express Lunch at Szechwan Court:


The Perfect option for a busy professional combining delicious food with elegant presentation and efficient service.

Venue Details: 
The Oberoi, 37-39, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bangalore - 560 001
Date: Apr 02 2012 To Jun 01 2012, All Day, Event occurs daily


Venue Details: 
Keys Hotel, Hosur Road, Bangalore
Date: Apr 12 2012 To May 27 2012, All Day- Event occurs daily

IPL Evenings @ Shimmer:

Venue Details:
Date: Apr 04 2012 To May 27 2012, All Day- Event occurs daily

Catch the excitement of the IPL cricket matches with their live telecast on the big screen at Shimmer, the high energy night spot. Cheer your favorite teams over unlimited chilled Kingfisher Draught beer commencing. Many restaurants in Bangalore organizing unlimited food, drinks with live cricket match in ultra big screen to get a live touch of  match at this IPL 2012 season. 

Many Italian localities have popular dishes made with traditional recipes and local ingredients.

Come visit the Bangalore Food festival to taste the uniqueness of Italian food

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